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DISEASE - CURE (Cure without Medicine - 8)

What is not Medicine

(Excerpts from book “Cure without Medicine”)

1. If we want to 'define' what medicine is and what not, then we will have to define the word 'Medicine', which is a rather tricky and difficult task.

When someone does not consume butter as a food, butter becomes medicine. When iodine is applied to a finger that bleeds, iodine is a medicine. Apply that same iodine to a normal finger, it ceases to be a medicine. By itself, a mixture or solution, or any substance can have no medical properties definable as a medicine, the use there of alone determines, whether it is a medicine or not.

It follows then that, if you use anything without the motive of cure of some disease then that substance is a normal one and not medicine. They are not medicine in the true sense of the term.

2.  One can boldly, assertively welcome medical treatment rendered as a 'first aid' measure by a doctor. One can consume medicine during the transition period that will eventually lead and is meant to lead a fuller understanding of the concept (given in this book). Such realized seeker can take medicine after some determined period of suffering. In that case, the patients over-belief (total reliance) in medicine as a lasting solution is absent and to that extent he is relieved of further addition to his already existing agony.

Both doctors and patients, knowing the limitations of medicine may certainly use medicine, since the new realization will render medicine less harmful and more useful. It is adding 'peace' to 'prescription'.

3.  A rough list of 'what is not medicine' was once prepared (By S.V.) It is reproduced in the book with all its drawbacks and then follows an analysis.

          (Refer the details on pages 113 to 115 of the Book)

4.   Basis of Analysis

The fundamentals behind the above list and analysis is as follows:

In disease foreign aid is not invited. What can be done is – (i) to take action to resort to the mobilization of one's internal strength; (ii) true understanding (realization) of the cause of disease; (iii) Internal adjustment of one's choice from the options available following the concept of recipropathy.

History teaches us that if any nation that takes military aid for resisting internal troubles, then that nation is destined to be doomed. Similarly, an individual should not 'import' a foreign body in an unnatural way to eradicate the internal troubles (of his body). Such foreign bodies may give temporary relief, but then they will permanently rule your body. The best way is to depend (to the extent possible) on internal individual strength and try to further strengthen it. Alternatively add (i) prescription (of medicine) + (ii) peace of mind, and (iii) vow for benevolence as reaction.

5. Yet, after all is said and done, foregoing analysis is not perfect. Absolutely anything that is consumed with the motive of curing of disease, without 'paying for' the real cause behind the disease amounts to resorting to medicine.

6. Again and again, we stress:- Do use your medicine (even) all your life, but add peace and understanding to your treatment.

7. Just by positive will power you can get cured. Just by repeatedly uttering 'Day by day, in every way, I am getting better and better' without doing anything is of no use at all.

Can 'will-power' compensate for past wrongs? 

The very conception is absurd. Will-power can 'suppress' the disease in its logical sequence. But no will-power in the world can prevent the delayed eruption of the disease.

8.   General phrases useful for daily repetition (like prayers)

The following sums up in convenient text form the significant teaching summary of this Book. There are general phrases useful for repetition purpose every day.

          "I am born out of my own evils and so are all my ailments. There exists no short-cut of relief from them. The only way lies in the full realization and full acceptance of this truth and through this realization slowly arriving at fuller truth. To the extent, I have genuinely understood this, I am being cured everyday".

In the above paragraph, the first sentence can be uttered as "for reasons, I do not know, Nature gave me a body that inherited these ailments".

9. Experience with a large number of patients has proved that the pain never recurred and certainly there was instantaneous stoppage of pain.

10. We have already said that all this is a theoretical discussion and in practice medicine just may be started under the doctor's advice right from the first stage, once principle is understood.

Summary – Concept of medicine is not totally barred. In fact, any medical treatment can be strengthened by adding the gist of our recommendations. At psychic level six phrases are given to meet the pain points.

Some Case Histories

Out of several cases treated personally by S.V., he has mentioned a few cases in this Chapter (starting from page 119 of book). In each case (which can be seen from the Book) S.V. has participated to some extent in bringing about the desired result, even by accepting self-pain.

He says – In none of the cases (mentioned in the Book), did we advise to discontinuation of the medicine or medical treatment (In support the recipropathy methods were used).

During my practice, I have utilized hundreds of variations in approach in conveying the new process to people. I have cured eighty percent of those who have approached to me. But my conviction always was and will continue to be that these intermediate variations were altogether UN-important. The genuine working was brought about by the real tenets of Recipropathy. In 20% cures, where patients were not relieved of organic pain, most of them could face their agony with a new understanding and a new boldness.

Case Studies 

Following cases are discussed (The details can be seen in Book, Chapter 15)

1.   A rich businessman – age 49 – Diverse complaints – major problem Insomnia – cured
2.   Upper middle class gentleman – Age 46, T.B. and Benign Tumor – Cured
3.   A rich family young girl – Age 19 – Hysteria, Irregular Menstruation – cured
4.   An administrator of India – Great renowned person – Acute Pain in stomach – cured
5.   A child of eighteen months – Headache – cured
6.   A businessman (middle age?) – Paralysis – cured.

Questions & Answers.

Question 1: You are propounding a correct theory. But I simply shudder at the idea of speaking all truth. Should I go even to my enemy and say the truth? What will a well-wisher of mine feel if I go and admit to him that I had committed a theft?

I had answered this question in some other context.  The question presupposes that your enemy does not know the truth. Search and you will find the same to be the cause of his being your enemy. Remove the cause and he remains no more your enemy. The other half of your question deals with your friend to whom you have to admit your theft.  This reveals the extent of faithlessness in your so-called friendship. Any way if you go and tell him the truth- you will no doubt have to suffer in the initial stage. But after the first pangs are over you will have full sympathy from others. However much your friend may abuse you openly, at the end he will always respect you for your courage. Because he should be convinced in his mind that he should not have been able to admit heroically his mistakes to others and in that respect he is inferior to you. The question is whether you want long suffering in your mind from within, or you aim to clear off the dirt around you at some initial disadvantage, followed by lots of satisfaction.

Question 2: Do you not think that instead of leading an emotionless life, it would be far preferable to have "small" emotions and get happiness?

I have time and again insisted that it is wrong to assert that life without emotions is not enjoyable: that it becomes inert and insipid. The trouble in getting along with "small" emotions is a mirage. When it comes to putting this so-called principled attitude into practice the individual concerned is never satisfied with a "small" measure. As he goes ahead his measure of "small", "reasonable". etc., goes up either with a leap and a bound or by slow degrees. The net consequence of "small" indulgences is the increase in greed. Never to be forgotten is the principle: All actions must have reactions equal and opposite. The Laws of Nature are too true lo be untrue.

Question 3: What is the fun in leading a detached life at all?

Nobody obstructs you from leading an attached life. The trouble is that grief will follow you as long as you crave for happiness. Light and shade are inseparable Year after year, or if you like life after life, this will continue till you feel exhausted.

Alternatively, accept the principle. Practice 6.25% of it to start with. Continue your doctor's advice. Miraculous results will surely materialize ultimately.

(To be continued .. )

Vijay R. Joshi

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