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DISEASE - CURE ( Death of Disease - 7)

Emotions and the Individual

(Excerpts from Chapter 15 of the book Death of Disease)

1. To recapitulate the conclusions of the previous chapters (i.e. discussion so far in the book Death of Disease).

1.1         Medical practitioners know that their respective pathies give no answer with regards to fundamental problem of disease, nutrition, protection. Masters of medicine admit it. Evidence endorses it.

1.2         In practice, the practitioners treat all ailments and proceed to cure all diseases. May be they really lack knowledge of disease in its proper perspective, may be they ignore it for personal benefit, or may be the dominance of ego leads them to act as they do.

1.3         Every pathy contains partial truth to a more or less degree. Yet the claim of perfection and infallibly in respect of any pathy is obviously unsustainable.

1.4         Disease cannot be cured unless 'mind' is properly treated. All present media of treatment, including psychotherapy, commit the common mistake of 'standardizing' their way of analysis of treatment. We must isolate The H.C.F. (Highest Common Factor) of cause and cure the disease.
 (H.C.F. is 'mind related'. Man may change, basic emotions are the same)

1.5         Joint consideration of body and mind alone leads to correct diagnosis. But mind controls body. Even the doctors subscribe to the view that ninety percent of diseases originate from mind (Psycho-somatic disorders)

1.6         However, debatable the nature of mind, for our purpose by concentrating on 'Visible Expression of Mind', we reach a sufficient good starting point. Visible expression of mind are 'emotions' primarily six.

1.7         Emotions reign supreme, not for a moment can we remain conscious without emotions.

1.8         If consciousness evolves primarily from emotions, our problem reduces to more simple level. Soldier for his 'patriotism' emotion throw his life in war. Saint Peter sacrificed himself for faith (other examples in Indian Context are - Sambhaji, Shikh Guru). Thus, the brave don't care of ' body' but value emotions. This is true for a coward also. He flies to save himself from some imminent danger, his individuality bursts with emotions of fear and therein he ignores his body. Often the heart of such person stops and they kill themselves.

Apparently, a height of paradox of life, that this coward so attached to his body, obviously kills the body itself by emotion.

2  A superficial analysis would lead to conclusion that each one kills himself with diametrically opposite emotions. Man remains under the sway of emotions till a breath of life remains and he considers his bodily existence altogether inferior.

3. For a human race the outer appearance of body may change from race to race, location to location in terms of color, weight, height, face, etc. but the same emotional trend will be discovered within all prevailing human beings (The mix may vary but basic emotions are the same). This is the H.C.F.

4. We carry a wrong notion that education basically changes emotional set up. Even time fails to teach human race in that sense. The driving emotion of a speculator (in share market) today is the same - greed - as that of his predecessor who joined the Alaska Gold root in 1880.
Technical knowledge apart, space travel of today differs emotionally in no way from Columbus who fought his way with unimaginable zeal to America.

5. Emotions are primary instincts whether the individual is a child, or century old, a weakling or a champion; poor or rich; a primitive or a modern man. Ignorant and rich behave as they do, because of identical craving of sex, ego, greed, anger, affection and envy.
Wherein then lie individual differences?
Emphatically in the difference of proportion of emotions, the nature of constituents remains the same.

6. It is easier to treat and cure a man through his emotions than through his physique.
Medicine are many and they will continue to come in many numbers as the disease change in nature. The history of modern medicines reveal that with all the progress in terms of body - treating - medicines, the diseases are not controlled, nor human life is made comfortable we can't wait for centuries for the body cure. Till the ideal modern medicine comes (which has not come so far), we should attempt to treat emotions, the primary cause of disease.

If disease is to be treated at individual level, and if emotions have been proved to be a part and parcel of even conscious person leading him to disease, we better treat emotions. Certainly, it is better to treat a disease by catching at its root.

7. Dr. Alexis Carrel says - "Disease is a personal event. It consists of the individual himself. There are as many different disease as patients".

We endorse this wholeheartedly. Each individual will differ from the others. This is due to variation of wide extent of ratio or combination of various emotions which prevail each moment he is conscious. This play of emotion with each individual at each moment of conscious life is an unalterable fact.

To quote Dr. Carrel again - "Death is the price he (man) has to pay for his birth and his personality". The 'personality' undoubtedly manifests itself through emotions.

Humanity has to learn to conquer emotions for eliminating disease.

(To be continued…)

Vijay R. Joshi.

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