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"I have seen GOD” - Swami Vijnananand

 देव दर्शन - Beholding the God                                                                             

कळे आकळे रूप ते ज्ञान होता  I

तेथे  आटली सर्व साक्षी अवस्था I

मना उन्मनी शब्द कुंठीत राहे I

तो गे चि तो राम सर्वत्र पाहे II २०० II

While commenting on the above verse in  मनाचे श्लोक (of Ramdas Swami), Swami Vijnananand says in his his book:-  

Once the stage of full realization is reached i.e. once the knowledge of the highest nature is realized, then you see the God. But at that stage the desire of seeing itself gets diminished. Your mind attains a super high stage, the words get lost. 
It is our usual experience that while we enjoy the sun light we are unable to stare at the sun. If we attempt to stare at the sun, the intense brightness creates sort of darkness in our vision. On this background one can imagine the radiance of the God which is the creator of countless number of such suns. The view of the almighty will not be easy to experience. Also this stage is not easy to reach.

Swami Vijnananand (S. V.) saw the God. 

In 1957, a stage of honest introspection entered in to the life of S.V. (his name was P.R.Bhide before Sannyasa). Friday, the 22nd March' 1957, an enlightening moment arrived in his life. At around 2-30 afternoon, when engaged in normal life routine, all of sudden, a trance moment created an inner message, directing him to work (for the welfare of humanity) on the logic and intellect based path of Science.
He whole heartily accepted the enlightening moment suggested mission. Without any academic background of science he started reading books of science. He mentions that it is an unsolved mystery   for him too; that he could easily grasp the complex details of the subjects hitherto mostly unknown and of no interest at all. The outcome of this marathon efforts resulted in publishing following books under the ‘New Way’ series during the period 1957 to 1962.


God Reconsidered.
Purpose of the Universe.
What Mind Means.
Science and Philosophy.


Death of the Disease.
Cure Without Medicine.
Cure Yourself.
Rich, Ambitious, Healthy. 

Fortune Titles

New Way to Fortune and Happiness.
Leap to Fortune and Happiness.
Equation of Happiness.

General Titles.

Save your Child from Yourself.
Marx Proves Rebirth.


In his tape recorded message to the seekers before departing for Sannyasa on 21st February' 1963 he says (from note ‘Before Departure’)

“From three centuries back, Homo-sapience increasingly disfavored religious discipline, in preference to its novel tool, science. And now, to the surprise of the twentieth century, science and religion sing in chorus; of course when one restricts to essence of religion.

Friends, after prolonged investigations when science could satisfy me, almost half in contempt, I turned to religious doctrines. I anticipated that it was a matter of hardly a few days to get rid of religious rigmarole (contents in terms of verses, characters, procedures etc.). To my pleasant surprise, the contrary was revealed. Almost every faith, even having a modest backing, lends hand to findings I had traced in the mighty dome of science. On an appropriate investigation, no faith is found to have contradicted implications of science.

A layman imagines science and faith at cross-purpose. I have checked almost scripture by scripture, only to find how basic tenets of various doctrines have forestalled rationalistic surmise. The details are included in the series.”

“Before I published each of my hypotheses, it was without exception, made available to authorities; from whom world's best authorities like Nobel Prize winners, were never excluded. Scientists trained in various universities like (in) U.S.A., Russia, U.K., Germany, Japan discussed problems raised by me either through correspondence or personally. I have no hesitation in asserting that conclusions now reached are hard to be over- looked or counteracted. I am offering last clue to Nature's secret.
This claim is based on two situations science has met. One is limiting speed of matter and the other is principle of indeterminacy. But by the very nature of things these situations in science can never be changed”.

In the ‘Author’s note’ to the book “PURPOSE OF THE UNIVERSE” published in December 1961 S.V. explains the intention behind publishing and communicating his research findings.

"The author makes bold to say. He is on the verge of having Nature’s secret decipher& because he does not wish to risk truth for unwarranted modesty, after all, world has to know Eternal truth one day or the other; the task which God will not condescend to take upon himself, if a personal God exists at all. Nature may flash signals as a ground engineer, but it is for the pilot to be alive to them, avoid crash and land safely. In such a hazard it is the duty of one operator to share; his knowledge with others, without reserve.
Line dividing ego and truth is too thin to be objectively recognized; on my part, I assure that except the ego barely necessary for harmonizing (composing) these 'lines', I entertain none in the present case.
Courage to welcome truth from a contemporary has repeatedly lacked in the past. It is hard to believe that an ascertainable, veritable revelation has enlightened your next-door neighbor on this side of grave, gallows or fire.
Author's findings forbid him to be either pleased by praise or pained by a retort and so he is not scarred of either. Author is fully abreast of the fact that every creature shall pay his own cost for wisdom. And therefore, except bare statement of facts, the author does not feel urged to be enthusiastic or anxious about popularizing his philosophy. He has hitherto overlooked several offers and donations to establish an institute for promotion of these laudable tenets concerning life. For, the real seekers do not insist upon such institutions which take a heavy toll of energy. The more lasting way is to make the investigations available to the public and leave it at that.

“I have seen God” – Swami Vijnananand

In the book “God Reconsidered”, (Chapter 9 page 105) S.V. explains his own experience of beholding the God (देव दर्शन), and what are the efforts necessary to maintain the constant company of the God i.e. Truth.  

“A flabbergasting statement of mine in 1957, evoked riotous bewilderment in the heart of my devout friend; and his face flushed with excitement when I assured him the experience of ‘Darshana’ (Sight of God) on his adherence to simple inexorable (unyielding; unalterable) discipline.

Incidentally to behold (see, look at, observe) God is a very preliminary step, and it constitutes the bottom rung of the ladder towards God,
To catch a glimpse of God,
To go that way,
To reach Him and
To like to stay with Him without a craving to come back,
four steps of which, as I have remarked, to perceive him is but a narrow end of the wedge. When I asked mv zealous friend, "Did all who saw Ram and Krishna reached the status of God?" it dispelled his anxiety about superficial sight of God.

At the moment of imperfections the exceptionally ideals stay clear of God and the moment I embrace truth, for which I esteem God, I experience God in me.

The question is how long I am capable of remaining at that high latitude. And if I lack the sober strength, the more I develop it, the nearer to God do I remain.

Rev. Ramakrishna narrates his experience, "I had to practice all the religions. Hinduism, Islam and Christianity, and I have walked the paths of the different denominations of Hinduism again --of Shakta, Vaishnava, Vedanta and other sects. And I have found that it is the same God towards whom all are travelling only they are coming through diverse ways."

Of that God, primary energy, no description other than Neutrality, can excel”.

From that moment in March 1957 till the last moment of life on 18th Nov 1993, S.V. lived his mission with full commitment to the welfare of humanity. In one of his discourses he spelled mission to the seekers as follows:-

We often experience that Mind is engaged in conflict with mind, also in conflict with body.
Individual is in conflict with the family.
Friends, neighbors, social groups, casts, religions, countries all are in constant inbuilt conflicts, open or hidden.
Human is in conflict with nature, also in conflict with humanity.
Conflict prevails everywhere…
We learnt to fly like a bird, float and swim like a fish but a person never learnt to behave with other person with empathy compassion and humility.

We should endeavor to bring about this change.

A large numbers of Manashakti seekers are convinced by S.V. message and have committed to work for the mission. The efforts are in progress far last over thirty years spearheaded by The Manashakti Ashram at Lonavala, Pune, India.

Vijay R. Joshi.

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