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Swami Vijnananand provided guidance to the teenagers through series of discourses on various subjects. In one such series of discourses he talked about the behavioral aspects. Our mind is expressed through the behavior. “Why one behaves in certain way” and “How should one behave in proper way” were the subjects covered. While dealing with the human behavior, he related its origin to the process of evolution of mind. His views expressed in informal language are summarized as follows:

‘Evolutionism’ is a very fundamental subject. Before understanding that subject, first of all let’s understand how the subject of evolutionism is taught in text-books, in schools and colleges. Thereby further description will be simpler for us. This is the book of 12th standard in India. This is the book by Popular Publications for ‘Steps in Biology’. 

“To state in the words of Darwin, evolution is descent with modification.”

The earlier sentence is like this, “In other words, all organisms are descended from the preexisting and simple ancestors”. That means all these creatures of the world…the complex human beings, were created from very simple creatures created in the beginning. This evolution has started from a single cell and then the various layers were created. But what was there before the arrival of the existence of the single cell? There was a virus. A virus must have been originated from some state existed earlier. So while going like this, where did it originate from?

So they have told in simpler terms – ‘Organic Evolution’. It means that non-matter is created from the matter. In short, all of the living beings are created from the lifeless matter. Their simple theorem is that this living being is created from the matter in the inanimate stage. If you consider this, then you can put forth a very simple equation, thereafter.

They are of the opinion that the living beings were created by the adjustments and modifications.
It is correct that the development happened slowly, one step after another. But whose basic desire was it to develop?

The believers in Energy (Life) are of the opinion that, it is energy which is important. That got stuck to the body, stuck to the matter, stuck to the inanimate objects; this world is created from both of them together. Some people who say that living being was created from the lifeless objects. Well, that’s OK,, but how did this happen?’ Then they are not able to tell. It means they are not able to explain it.

“ The doctrine of organic evolution has now been universally accepted. There is, however, no consensus of opinion amongst biologists as regards its modus operandi.

There was previrus before virus, there was retro – virus. Earlier than that there were coaservate drops, while counting back from 100 we arrived at one (1). We agree to it. But why don’t you tell us as to how did one(1) originate? You cannot tell us, about that? Did it come from zero? You are not able to give an answer as to where one (1) originated from. And that is why we are going to the roots and saying that we are proving (the existence of) energy’.

Talking only in terms of ‘New Way philosophy’, we have told earlier that you define the matter. After you have defined matter, we have demonstrated to you that there is something beyond the matter. That which transcends the velocity of light is called as non-matter. The one which cannot exceed the velocity of light is the matter, meaning the inanimate object as you have called it, which is right. We have demonstrated to you that there is something that can go beyond the velocity of light.

We have to accept a simple theorem that the Chetana (energy) has constructed the nature while taking the help of jada (matter). You will say, what will happen if we don’t accept it? – You will be caught in a trap.

We have seen in the last lesson that Lamarck’s theorem was proven wrong. The other theorem that was proven wrong was that of Darwin.

Limitations to Darwinism are given in this book under reference on page 53 -54. They have told that there are five aspects which are against Darwin’s theorem. They have mentioned these five points as ‘objections to Darwinism’

What was the reason for the nature to select? They cannot figure out that cause. It means they are not able to find the fundamental cause.

Who had the need at that time to suddenly transform the non – living matter into living beings? What kind of need arose for which the nature has done all this? What was its motive? They are unable to explain this by any means. And that is where the evolution or evolutionism falls short, becomes weak.

Generally even I (S. V.) accept the evolutionism to that extent. I accept evolution steps(11 to 100). Not only this, I am ready to accept it from (1) to (10). It is logically correct. We do accept that evolution has taken shape very slowly. But basically why life was created in the first place?

We agree with the fact you described about the way evolution happened from 11 to 100 very well. We are ready to accept it from 1 to 10 as well.

"Hence we put forth the theorem of velocity of light there; and we oppose the evolutionists of materialistic orientation. We politely tell them ‘Give us an answer; we are ready to go back’. But none has given any answer to this yet".

Vijay R. Joshi.

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