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Multi-Cellular Organism Presupposes Organized Mind . (MIND POWER - 5)

(Excerpts from book: MIND POWER (1980) CH 10, Author - Swami Vijnananand (S.V.), Manashakti publication)

While examining the origin of life, we have so far seen a chain starting from coaservate drops to virus, virus to single cell organism and the role of non-matter (mind) in each step. We have also examined the “free will” aspect of the mind (non-matter) starting from electron.

The next step of evolution was the group life of cells as a single organism. It presupposes the existence of a group leader or ‘organizing mind’. Without the leader the chaotic conditions may prevail.

10.1 “Metazoan” (multi cellular) presupposes qualitatively different extra mind.

Protozoa is in the category of a single cell animal. Metazoan includes all the multiple cell chain including man.

A system of enforced communism

Once multi-celled organism is conceded, it cannot be done without a system. Unless the group of cells agrees to submit a single entity in a given system, the individual (multi celled) organism cannot come into existence. The eventuality (of formation of multi cellular single organism) ordains (makes a rule) that the cells have to agree to come together for whatever advantages or disadvantages.

In evolution we have seen cells living in community. The book Cine Biology (chapter 5, page 57) under the heading “an experiment in communism” speaks about hydra and lobelia. (Delicate moss like growth on rocks) .Whatever food is captured by one polyp (a sedentary type animal form) goes to the nourishment of a colony as a whole and is thus shared by every other polyp. It is, in fact, a system of enforced communism.

Going to the root of this aspect of multi minds and multi cellular (individual) organism, we have to note following important statements.

(1) A single cell must have the capacity to accommodate more than one mind.

(2) If not earlier, such an extra mind must be conceded at least at the time of cell division, without which cell division cannot take place.

(3) These two minds ought to be unequal (different/distinct). Oparin has pointed out the inequality in pre organic state. (Origin of life -1P –page 78 to 83):

“Even those (coacervate) drops which appear simultaneously in a solution differ somewhat from one another as regards composition and internal structure.” Oparin goes on with his explanation at length and then mentions “For all our advanced techniques we have yet not approached the level of rationalization possessed by living nature.

(Mind and desire for inequality:  S.V. says: - We have already established non material nature of mind. Here we have shown how scientists encounter obscure inequalities in pre organic state).

(4)        The psychical developments at the cell stage retained their obscurities, since they were inherent in them.

(5)        Mind at each cell, after the development of the respective cell was to face its co-existing friend or rival.

(6)        The extra mind must be either superior or inferior. In quality, possibly, it may be superior, perhaps because of latent period of rest it enjoyed. Unless that is conceded, the progressive evolution is not possible. Unless the later development of cell is more progressive, the development or replication will only be mechanical.

(7)        Moreover, evolution is a spiral development and this requires extra mind to be superior, which in turn may assume the role of organizing mind in the multi cellular development.

(8)        Unless there is such a spare mind to spare, the very plan of cell division cannot set foot.

(9)        Once the psyche is hypothesized with proof, possibility of many minds occupying the space of a single cell, if needed, cannot be questioned. Of course, mind occupies no space and therefore, it can remain attached or detached in nucleus of cell as the need be.

The hypothesis of multi-minds in a single organism with “organized mind” can be solved so logically. Without the acceptance of this condition, the phenomenon of cell division shall relegate (be Dismissed or cancelled).

10.2     Inequalities persist in plant and animal cells. (Plants feel)

With the advance of science, it has become more and more difficult to find clear cut differences between plants and animals. Inequalities in the cell persist in multi cellular organism. That is logical explanation as if a bio-mirroring. 

Plant feelings (Ref. Plant Autograph, Dr. J. Bose)

(i)When animals, plants and metals have been subjected to the same questioning shocks, they have in all cases given similar replies. They exhibit similar fatigue and similar exaltation.

(ii) Executive center: - In animals, the essential difference between the sensory and motor impulse is that:

Sensory impulse --- travels towards the center
Motor impulse --- travels away from the center
It is impossible to tell whether they travel with same or different velocity.

In the plant – It is comparatively easy to measure the two speeds and it is surprising fact that the outgoing motor impulse is the quicker of the two. The speed of the nervous impulse, usually speaking decreases with the distance traveled and one winkle think that after the arrival of sensory impulse at the center, the speed of the reflected impulse would be diminished, since it had to travel a longer distance.

My (Dr. Bose’s) investigation however shows that the speed of the outgoing motor impulse is at least six times greater than that of the incoming sensory impulse. The change of a sensory into motor impulse in the reflex arch therefore connote (additionally suggest) not merely reversal in the direction of propagation, but a greater discharge of energy at the center by which the motor impulse becomes far more intense than the feeble sensory impulse. (In plants) It would thus appear that the center has a specific executive function and that a considerable amount of energy is stored there. Executive center extract energy six times more.

(iii) Matter/ non-matter sensitive. The dust particles and the earth, the plant and the animal, are all sensitive.

(iv) “Perceived in them one phase of all pervading unity that bears within it all things – the mole (small dust) that quivers (shakes, tumbles slightly), in the ripple of light, the teeming (to have in great numbers continuously) life upon our earth and that rational sun that shines above us………. It was then that I (Bose) understood for the first time, a little of that message proclaimed by my ancestors on the banks of Ganges thirty centuries ago”.

(v) When microscopic vision fails, we have to still explore the realm of the invisible. “I (Bose) have been able to make the dumb plant the most expressive speaker telling a record of historical events in order they occurred about its inner life and experiences by making it write down its own history. The self-make-record thus made shows that there is no life reaction in even the highest animal which has not been fore shadowed in the life of the plant. The plant and animals are appearing as the multiform unity in the single ocean of being". (Plant Autograph preface)

Dr. Bose satisfied his British scientist’s critics in London Royal society who objected his theory where Dr. Bose demonstrated that; plant and animal responses are similar.

10.3 “Purposive cell proves UNEQUAL MINDS

Cell and Virus, their Chemical composition is similar but “purpose” is vast varied.
Cell biology tells us that even in a single organism, there are hardly any perceptible differences in the cell. The differentiations in the purpose are vast and varied.

Because of exact duplication and segregation of DNA during cell reproduction, all of the cells in multi-cellular organism contain the same type and amount of nuclear information, have same capacity, but they use it differently. Since the nucleus is the control center of the cell, all cells should have the same potential and be capable of manufacturing all the proteins of the body. Obvious fact however is that, they do not do so.

Non –matter created Matter. (Creator is “mind”) One is more or less forced into the view that living things come from the material which was not living.

10.4     Organizing mind, Organizer Recognized by noble price winners.

When a certain restricted bit of the embryo in what will be the embryo’s back, has a curious power as so called “organizer” If it is transplanted to some part of another embryo, it sets going and seems to direct a wholesale scheme of development almost tantamount (equal in effect) to starting a new embryo. Something like this at times happens naturally.

Twines, Quintuplets: There are two kinds of twins. One kind is traceable to the fertilizing of two eggs. The twins then are not more like each other than are other children of the same parentage. In the other kind of twins both come from one and the same fertilized egg. The egg implanting itself as usual and drawing nutriment from the mother, its beginning (initial) cell mass, probably first as usual just one embryonic rudiment (basic or essential fact) then proceeds to start a second embryo. These twins are always puzzlingly alike.
The Canadian quintuplets (five children birth at a time) are of this kind. In their case, the same fertilized egg produces an accessory embryo not once, but four times more.
The “organizer” explains how this might have happened. Please note these are the observations of Dr. Sherrington, the noble prize winner scientist.

10.5     Single organism accommodating two or more minds

Dr. fredland , Russian scientist refers to “Double Life “. The findings indicate that cells in the body are more sensitive than when they are outside the body. The capacity variation of the cell within and without body is not understood and remains secret.

The advantage gained by a single integrated system, (in the body), must have some disadvantage that creates incompatibility. Temporary advantage and long term advantage are always notable to live together. The advantages of single integral system, once admitted, then the organizer in the body must be recognized. So, the secret of “incompatibility” can thus be understood logically. (Additional details refer 10.8.)

CASE – 1
Bacterial cell ---------- Simultaneously infected by two (closely related but) different phages (phage = virus that destroys bacteria) ---------- Progeny (offspring) --------- The offspring includes both types in proportion similar to the infesting mixture.
(CASE 1):  A + B = C (A + B)

CASE – 2
Similar mixed infection when the infecting phages are unrelated types yield a pure brood (number of offspring produced of one type simultaneously), other type of infesting phage is lost.
Bacteria cell -------- Infected by two not closely related (unrelated) phages ------------   offspring -------- Only one type of infesting phage.
(CASE 2)  A + B = A OR B.

Inequality at very root

In case 1, we saw virus A +virus B produced virus C (A+B) though A and B were not in same proportion, thus C must have both A and B in unequal proportion

Description: - When a bacterial cell is simultaneously infected by two closely related but different phage types, the progeny includes both types in proportions similar to infesting mixture. This may not sound especially startling but it could not of course have been predicted. Particles and the appearance of new ones, particles and infesting activities are both temporarily out of sight. Presumably, the substance of virus becomes mixed infection with substance of host cell. In a double infection, however, everything seems to straighten itself before the deadline and from temporary “disorder” re-appears high order. A mixed infection with unrelated types yields a pure brood of one type only. The infecting particle of other type is lost.

Compare this with human birth:-

Mother + Father = Son
Virus A + virus B = produces C (a + b virus)

Son is a third mind, since we can show father and mother in addition to son, visibly. In case of virus the resulting “C” is the end of all. It must be assumed to have included A and B, though in an unequal proportion. But that inequality is the very root of manifest existence. “C” might be a temporary or permanent merger of “A” and “B”. In any case, from material point of view, “A” and “B” are fused into one, whose psycho accommodation has taken to be granted.

Apart from the references disclosing two viruses in one cell, (i.e. more minds in one body) other references appear (in the book) as follows:-

1) 10.11 - Child birth, a super material effect.
2) 11- over lapping mind and multi-layered ness. (Insect with 14 lives)
3) 11.3 - Qualitative layered differences of mind. (Cell structure as only a vehicle)
4) 12.0 - Paradoxical living together.—Cell minds and Organized Mind.
5) 13.4 - Three paradoxes of viruses. (Lower dictates)
6) 13.10 Cell – Virus desire pleasure.
7) 14.2 - at birth, Mind and Matter meet as they deserve.
8) 14.7 Birth phenomenon, (ghost literally attached)

10.6 Studies about “ORGANISER” in twins. A story of Armadillo, a typical mammal

Here is a reference from an eminent authority in the field of “twin study”, Pages 69, 70. Dr. H.H. Newman, who has unsolved mystery of so-called “single” life unit (or single mind) dividing its little empire into four life units (or multiple minds), because of the “organizer” inside. The reference indicates, how at the instance of the organizer, four offshoots at psychic (mind related) level make a mark.

The basis of the ‘one egg twinning study’ is the development of nine-banded armadillo. (An earth hole living mammal in South America with a body encased in bony plates and often with habit of rolling itself into a ball when captured.)

·         Armadillo is a curious mammal that regularly produces one egg quadruplets. (Four children to same mother in one birth.)
·         It was discovered by Paterson that after a few days development, the early embryo of this animal, stops developing entirely, without having acquired any nutritive connection with the maternal uterus. (From this connection supply of nutrients comes from mother for the development). For some months, no development takes place, but a time comes when the embryo wakes up, as it were, establishes connection with the uterus and then undergoes rather quickly two twinning divisions.
·         The first division produces a pair of embryos and then each of these divide again two produce double twins or quadruplets.
·         Since every step in this twinning process in the armadillo has been observed, the fact cannot be doubted.

Don’t know: We don’t know for sure, however, what causes the embryo to stop developing, then to resume development, and almost at once to undergo two twinning divisions.

Analysis of “Don’t know”. It was natural to guess that the twinning might be a consequence of the stoppage of the development.

Hypothesis trial at other places

This hypothesis was tried out by Stockard on the eggs of fish and by Newman on those of starfish.

·         Stockard found that when he kept fish embryos at low temperature for about an hour and then returned them to normal temperature, a number of twins were produced.
·         Newman found that almost any agent that slowed down the early development of starfish embryos would endues a fair percentage of twins.
·         A number of other workers, notably, Arey, Hinrichs and Genther have helped to support this theory.

Theory: -- Primary cause of one egg twinning is a temporary stoppage of development at a critical stage.  Why a stoppage of development should be the cause of twinning is another question to which, we can offer only a pure theoretical answer.

Theory (Organizer):-- According this theory, there is present in young embryo, a certain organizing region, a region that unifies and holds together the development cells and makes them behave like an organism. Organizing center in embryos is well known to be more susceptible to inhibiting or retarding influences than are the other parts of the embryo.
When anything slows down the life process of the embryo the organizer feels it first and since it is the organizer that unifies or holds together the embryos and interference with the organizer may let the organizer come apart, as it were, so that its two halves start to go independently and gives rise to two whole individuals.

Theoretical explanation: -- Based upon the Embryological principles. - Although this is purely a theoretical explanation of an egg twinning, it is based upon embryological principle and is the only explanation that has so far been offered.

10.7     Siamese twins also prove separate psycho.

Dr. Newman has focused on the psychological aspect of one of the Siamese twins joined body to body.
Unexpected dissimilarity in the Siamese twin pair (Two children attached)
Such twins have not only a common heredity but a common environment. (They must be in the same environment all the time being attached.) So one would expect such twins to be strikingly similar even more than the pairs of separate twins that are not so intimately associated.
The fact however that Siamese twins are almost without exception more different in various ways than any but a very few pairs of separate one egg twins. This dissimilarity is not understood. One of the most difficult problems faced by the twinning specialists is that of accounting for this unexpected dissimilarity of the component of Siamese twin pairs.

Hilton Siamese Twins: Both were found to have different mental ability
Dr. Helen Koch made a psychological study of the Hilton twins when they were about 15 years old. And found that they differed in mental ability and in temperament considerably; more than the average of separate one egg twins.

10.8 Purpose of “out word ness” of the Organizer.

·         In a body, each cell group has different sustaining capacity at the time of death.
·         Cerebral cortex cell dies early (*Paths of Science,31P,pg 56,)
·         Skin, hairs, nails (of the body) these cells live longer than the cells of the cerebral cortex.
·         But so long as the body lives, the coordination of all the body is effective.

Perfect coordination in the body for preserving and developing life

·         Faced by a sudden danger, a living being must turn and flee or summon its strength to attack its foe. But the body muscles cannot accomplish either
·         The heart must be mobilized
·         The spleen must contract and eject its blood reserves into the general stream.
·         Adrenals must intensify their function to secret more adrenaline.

This in turn increases the consumption of the sugar by the muscles for additional energy. The remaining organs must also take part in the body’s struggle for the safety.
And that is what exactly happens. It is an old adage (say) that strength multiplies in time of danger. At such a time, a man is able to jump over a fence, for instance, which he would not have been able to negotiate under ordinary circumstances. Or resist (fight) a stranger adversary (rival), who would have easily overpowered him at another time.

Single center

To put all organs, internal and external alike, into simultaneous operation at small notice, they must be governed by a single center. It is this oneness of all their functions that preservers and develops life, and creates most favorable condition for body’s adjustment to its environment.

We (Human being) are unaware of some of our own (his) body functions. * (Paths of Science, 31P, Page 277)

Cortex is the center of our consciousness. Why we are unaware of some of the streams of impulses from our internal organs to the cortex? Why we do not feel them? And do not know of them? Would it be better to know each second the state of our liver, stomach, spleen, kidneys, adrenal, pancreas, thyroids and vessels? (Lung, hearts)?

No. That would be disastrous. The ceaseless streams of signals to the brain would fill in with chaotic sensation. There would be no room (to do) for anything else. It would distract animals from the realities about them. They would be helpless in the face of the outer world. The same is true for the human being.

Protective adjustment – Result of millions of years of Natural selection 

It is good that intercepting signals reach no further than the threshold of consciousness and pass it (consciousness) on rare occasions only. That is the result of millions of years of natural selection and should be regarded as a protective adjustment of living being to their environment.

Prerogative of cortex – Discriminatory authority

The psychic region of cortex only admits only signals; both of the external and external world, essential at any given moment. The brain does not respond to all signals indiscriminately, many of them are inhibited. (Prevented / restricted.)

Cortex wisdom is at price (more susceptible).

Brain cells refusing code message received from their internal juniors in the name of “wisdom” must pay their price. Earlier we have seen that a blood cell within body remains more susceptible than outside the body, i.e. e. it has to pay the price for remaining in the body. It remains in the body for other advantages like protection etc.

Selective liking of organizer Vis-a- Vis body cells

If the brain cells were purely mechanical system, then they would not have been able to do selective refusal to the feedback signal from the body organ cells.
The cell has their own liking in the body. The chief organizer as a dominator (having power, control, and strong influence) has own selectivity. It may be different from cell.

10.9     Example of Organizer’s decisions.

Some more examples of how the (unaccepted) Organizer plays a role:

·         Under anesthesia i.e. comparatively undetached stage, oxygen consumption is less.
·         Cortex cells die earlier: - Cells of the cortex at dying moment die earlier, being unable to endure hardships and adversities; they try to save themselves by ceasing their function from ruin.

Organizer gets proved.

Her two paradoxes are born. Ceasing the function “saves” the cells in a notion which gives that cell, Independent Mind and survival. The other fact is that when cortex cells die earlier, some body “remains” to die later. That cannot be anybody except “Organizer” himself.
New born mouse experiment: -- Tetanus toxin was injected to a new born in a fatal dose, the dose by which a fully grown animal would have died. Nothing happened to the new-born. Psychologically and chemically, there was nothing to resist such an onslaught except the Organizer.

10.10 A non-organizer hypothesis cannot explain work change in fatigue.

In practical day to day life, you feel tired reading a brain taxing book, you take a picture book and relax yourself. In both the cases, vital mechanism involves the same cells. In the brain, as a pure mechanical action, there should be no difference unless you assume “organizer” beyond brain that accepts or rejects books or actions.

10.11 Child Birth, A super material effect.

If each intricate cell composing the body of an infant could be fashioned by a skilled worker, and he needed only one minute to create one cell then – Five hundred thousand years (500,000) of ceaseless work would be necessary for him to complete the task.
(500,000 * 365*24*60 = 262800000000 = No. of cells in the orphan) If every person living in this world today could contribute one cell to the making of an infant, there would not be enough people on the face of the earth to complete one tiny foot. See the wonders of Nature. Yet every mother accomplishes this within her womb (uterus) in mere matter of 265 days. How this is done? Science has only begun to perceive the complexity of the miracle.

Organizer cannot be denied.

If a fold of dogmatic scientists want to substitute the words “complexity”, “miracle”, or “unknown” for the world “organizer”, then nobody can help.  They have to help themselves!

10.12 whole greater than parts. Mysteries and mysteries.

Ref:  The cerebral cortex and the internal organs by Bykov

·         Page 238:- Discretionary power of cortex is suggested.
·         Page 237:- Cortex is said to have ‘initiating influence’.
·         Page 243 :- ‘so many miracles’ of body related to cortex are noted

Ref:  On the track of discovery (page 218 – 264)

The Russian book is aptly illustrating: -- How one organ can be substituted by another organ.
The fingers can “see” only when the mind and subject under experiment is encouraged. Does the matter need encouragement?

You will give some mysterious words in future as explanation, with another promise of explanation. But unfortunately these post-dated promises have remained overwhelming (Promises have remained promises). The point below and particularly its conclusion provide one such excellent example.

10.13.       Whole greater than part; proves Organizer.

·         We know the well-known principle, ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.’
·         This opens another brand of mysticism. This goes beyond physics as well as arithmetic. 
·         Coincidentally, ‘Modern Science and Nature of Life’ has mentioned the similar axiom.
·         Nangal makes a vigorous and long overdue attack on the verbal reefs, which surround the world “sum”. He accepts the familiar use of sum such as ‘sum of two plus two’ or the ‘sum of forces’.
·         But what is meant when someone says “The function of the kidney is more than the sum of the function of its cells, blood vessels, tissues etc.”?
·         The answer to the above question depends upon the body of theory underlying one’s concepts. (In this example only mechanistic theory can’t be applicable.)
·         Clock: Using a clearly mechanistic theory, the behavior of a clock can be easily explained as sum of the behavior of its cogs, wheels and pendulum.

Thermal behavior of the solids

Nangal says – Though the thermal behavior of solids is not the sum of its parts relative to the classical kinetic theory of matter, it is such a sum relative to the modern quantum mechanics.

Behavior of the Organism

To say that the behavior of the organism is not the sum of the behavior of its parts and its total behavior cannot be understood adequately in physio chemical terms , even though the behavior of each of its part is explicable (can be explained) mechanically.

No theory available to derive the total behavior of the organism.

From the above it is clear that no body of general theory is now available from which statement about the total behavior of the organism is derivable. So, we shall probably, never know all there is to know about the living organism.

10.14   Why should science choose word ‘miracle” to Mind?

A science book explains a miracle: The average protein must be boiled for twenty four hours in a solution of 20 % hydrochloric acid to be thoroughly broken down. The body does the same thing in four hours and without high temperature and strong acid. The above power of the body poses a challenge. Author says the most challenging question is how the human body or any organism body manufactures enzymes? (Which help bring about digestion)?

Postdated hopes and promises of further check-up (S. V.): On every occasion, the first un-understood world is to be explained by the promise of the next un-understood word. And therefore the same article on enzymes has mentioned: - Yet the cycle of breakdown and synthesis (in the body) proceeds in the face of an apparent paradox.

10.15     Story of the Parrot and the Organizer.

There is an old story. A pet parrot was very dear to the king. He has asked all his servants to take proper care of the pet. One day the parrot died. Since with this news the king would get annoyed, servants dared not report its death to the master directly. So the servant who has ultimately to report says – ‘the parrot does not eat, does not speak…  Does not move, and so on!! In the present context, we encounter a reverse story. Dogmatic scientists are avoiding the birth of a parrot (mind). They want to avoid the world “mind” and substitute all its attributes in the name of mystery. …….. Perhaps new kind of parrot is their reward.


-          In a multi-cell organism since the body functions are divided between the body organs, the co-ordination or the organizing of the overall body function is the function of the ‘organizer’ or ‘organizing mind’.
-          Though the physical and chemical composition of the cells may not differ significantly, yet their functions are distinctly different. Thus the existence of multi-minds in the single body can be inferred by logic.
-          The mind power is super-material which is illustrated in the amount of energy required for the birth of a child.
-          ‘Whole greater than part’ is proved by the working of the body.
-          Behavior of the Organism: To say that the behavior of the organism is not the sum of the behavior of its parts and its total behavior cannot be understood adequately in physio chemical terms , even though the behavior of each of its part is explicable (can be explained) mechanically.
-          The mechanical or material explanation of body function or the life activities ends in gaps. These are often termed as, riddles, paradoxes or mysteries.
-          Acceptance of ‘mind’ as a scientific entity and studying this non-matter mind (as done by S. his new way philosophy), would solve such mysteries.

(Note: This is an attempt to make reader friendly interpretation of the book “MIND POWER” based on my perception. Inquisitive readers are requested to refer to the original book to cross check their understanding.)

Vijay R. Joshi.

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