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DISEASE - CURE (Death of Disease -10)

Nature and Recipropathy

(Excerpts from book "Death of Disease")

1.  Learning and Developing New Attitude

If we change the attitude towards disease, disease ceases to be our ailment. The best way for changing the attitude is to defend disease instead of yearning ceaselessly for cure. If we convince ourselves that disease itself is a curing process, our aim is achieved. It is necessary and essential for us to learn.

2. in brief - the concept

a)  The responsibility for our ailments rests on none except ourselves.

b)  Disease is, in a sense, punishment by installment to us. It is a protection from our being punished cumulatively at one time, for our daily emotional outbursts.

c)  Disease is therefore a curing process

d)  Disease is strictly a consequence of Nature's laws that of cause and effect. Disease cannot be termed as a cause of any future effect by any logic. Essentially the 'effect' of disease is 'caused' by personal excesses. Excess implies emotional disorders.

3. Recipropathy presupposes

that a natural law, that of cause and effect - reap as you sow - governs every person. When successful, we are ready to believe in the truth of this law and are easily convinced thereof. Not only during successful periods, but all along, reciprocation of our own deeds persists. If we believe in this law in every phase of our life, we shall never feel the agony of the disease.

4. Scientific justification of the claim

The scientist as a scientist is quite right in replying that science is not concerned with 'why' but with 'how'. So with strict scientific fervor, we can say, we don't know why Nature has created inequality amongst personalities in this Universe. If life is accepted as is given by Nature, if we are to make the best of it, we must be in line with the law of Nature which says, Good begets good and bad begets bad.

5. Admittedly, Nature functions diversely for purpose unknown to us,

when she endows emotional set-up and again punishes for expressing these emotions. The scope of this book does not allow us to go beyond the definite scientific framework set for it. Yet, the following approach to the problem resolves apparent difficulties.

Nature has given emotional set-ups that differ from individual to individual. The reason remains a puzzle. Leaving from our purview for the moment the 'why' of this problem, our activity must consonant (in agreement) with 'known' laws of Nature.

6. Human life tragedy

When Nature has given greed to a person, he has to either overcome it or get rid of it or work hard under the yoke (burden) of this greed ceaselessly only to get in the bargain disorders like Blood Pressure, heart disease, diabetes and so on.

From one point of view, a person develops his emotions till twenty years, uses them at their peak till forty years and suffers for the same till sixty.

All the sixty years, his span of life, the spell of emotion control his activities. Throughout his life uneasy lies his head. It is pity that awareness of (all) this is seen to emerge on him merely during the dying part of his life.

7.  Nature intermittently warns

Another important thing, Nature does not normally hang a person for his sins. Punishment is not meted to a person to completely exhaust him. Nature intermittently warns man not to lose sight of the highest power in Nature watching him (call it 'from' within himself'). Infliction (unavoidable sufferings) of calamity or disease are warning weapons of Nature. If a person realizes this truth, then disease would be considered by him a friend, a reliever of his sin, his cure.

8.  changed attitude cures

Recipropathy, our method of cure teaches a patient to change his point of view with regard to disease. This changed attitude cures him.
Recipropathy asserts that you may not know every link in the chain but your disease has a long causal relation with some ease disturbed in the past. It makes you conscious of the fundamental truth - you and you alone are the sole reason of trouble.

This knowledge itself acts as a sort of relief which may be termed as 'realization relief'.  This method has cured hundreds of patients suffering diseases ranging from cold to cancer. Recipropathy, however credits these cures mainly to the aspect of 'coincidence' as discussed later.

II   Recipropathy works in the following manner.

 a)     As stated, believe in Nature's Laws such as cause and effect and law of reciprocal returns are the corner stones of the structure of Recipropathy theory.

 b)     When convinced that cause of his disease is he himself, the 'realization relief' is infused in the patient. Some patients obtain instantaneous relief.

 c)     A Guide or practitioner of Recipropathy after achieving these two objectives makes certain that emotional energy has reached a stable point. Then he endeavors to elevate the level of the energy.

 d)     A practitioner of Recipropathy may or may not use any visible medium to develop the faith of the patient. The significance of the medium does not extend beyond his leading the patient to the initially unconceivable goal of 'equalization of emotions'.

 e)     Anyone who achieves success in 'equalizing emotions' must be successful in controlling his disease. Five minutes concentration say at 8.00 O'clock in the morning, is helpful at the initial stage.

2. The difference between all other methods and Recipropathy is in one crucial point. The former suppresses or diverts the disease, while the later diverts the patient itself.

Recipropathy holds that every stroke of pain must meet a welcome from you. Without fear you must welcome every pang (a sudden brief sharp feeling, as of loneliness, physical pain, or hunger)  as your reliever. You will experience that you are undergoing a dynamic change. 'Cure' will be your reward.

3. Nature wants us to leave our ego of education, knowledge and capacities. We ignore Nature's signal. As the author of 'Patients and Doctors', who is himself a distinguished medical authority, says - "Sometimes we may boast that we are conquering Nature, but Nature does not even fight. She is secure in her possession of us".

4. Man should learn that he alone causes his own suffering. The lesson may persuade Nature to give you relief (which is in fact is self-earned) in due course.

(To be continued. Excerpts from "Death of Disease" concluded.)

Vijay R. Joshi.


  1. As I don't have this book "Death of disease", this blog was very helpful to me to understand the principle of 'recipropathy' by Swami Vjnyananand. Mr. Joshi has made it very easy to understand. Starting with the first sentence I liked all of them but more no. 7 .
    Thank you.
    Hari OM !